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We empower small medium businesses and enterprises with hassle-free technology solutions for unstoppable growth.

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Managed IT Support

Strengthen your organization with a remote support team to manage and maintain your organization's IT infrastructure, systems, and operations. We help you optimize your IT and build roadmaps and plans aligned with your business needs to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving technology world.

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Design & Development

You can transform your visions into reality with Justo's comprehensive Design and Development solutions for mobile, web, desktop apps, and backend systems.

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Cloud & Data

An organization's ability to store, manage, process, and analyse data to generate market and business insights is a prime differentiating factor. Our team of data experts has an eye for the details and gathers meaningful business intelligence, providing data security, data integrations, and management.

Cloud Providers

Our team designs scalable, flexible, and optimized systems using Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google GCP, and Digital Ocean, whether on private cloud, on-premises, or public cloud.

Data Solutions

We architect and build data pipelines, integrating data from various applications and systems, utilizing databases, data lakes, and data warehouses, focusing on business performance.

Big Data Processing and Analytics

We offer scalable computing resources and powerful tools like Apache Spark, Presto, and Kafka for processing, streaming, and analysing large and diverse datasets in batch and real-time, extracting valuable insights.

Data Management Strategy

Our Architect Team works with you to understand the current ecosystem and future needs and deploys data management techniques and strategies to plan best, design, and optimize your data.

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AI & Data Science

The evolution of ChatGPT has marked the beginning of the era for AI applications in all walks of life. The power of AI and Machine Learning Models can help boost your business's productivity, and we help you stay ahead of the game.

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IT Strategy

IT strategy sets the direction, and our enterprise architect team understands the needs and priorities of different business units and builds technology roadmaps, including improving operational efficiency, enhancing customer experience, driving innovation, and enabling digital transformation.

Business-IT Alignment

Our IT strategy aligns with business focus areas, establishing strategic goals and objectives. We provide technology assessments and solution recommendations and develop long-term IT strategies and quarterly plans.

Optimization Areas

Our specialized enterprise architects optimize costs, resource planning, tools, technologies, and processes across teams and organizations to drive maximum success. We conduct audit reviews and propose recommendations to enhance your structures.

IT Risk Management

Our IT strategy encompasses risk management for technology implementation and usage. We prioritize data security, privacy, and regulatory compliance while outlining disaster recovery and business continuity plans to mitigate potential disruptions.

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