AI Revolutionizes Contract Management and Negotiation Roles

Posted under: SMB
Date: 2024-01-24
AI Revolutionizes Contract Management and Negotiation Roles, a company focused on building modern documentation infrastructure for the financial services industry, is deploying artificial intelligence (AI) to manage contract origination and revision. The company aims to improve operational efficiency and enhance client experience in areas such as trading, lending, and asset management. Arteria uses AI to learn, analyze, and manage revisions from the beginning of the contract process, from a simple term sheet to the complex negotiations and final document. The company enables clients to digitize contracts, create access points to downstream systems and personnel, and apply predictive analytics and machine learning to remove friction in the negotiation process. The new process is part manual and part automated, with AI being used on both sides of a negotiation to interpret markup languages and create consensus. Arteria's solution is category agnostic, catering to organizations that rely on data and have complex data architectures.

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