"Many small business owners see 2024 as a ‘make or break’ year "

Posted under: SMB
Date: 2024-02-21
"Many small business owners see 2024 as a ‘make or break’ year  "

A survey conducted by Slack reveals that 40% of US small business owners view 2024 as a critical year, with 32% uncertain about their business's survival. Despite challenges like inflation and a tight job market, 71% remain optimistic about their business's state this year. However, concerns persist, with 38% more worried about their business compared to the previous year. Nevertheless, nearly three-quarters are actively taking steps to improve their situation, including expanding marketing efforts (50%), setting aside emergency funds (45%), and exploring new technologies for increased productivity (43%). Jaime DeLanghe, Slack's VP of product management, notes a focus on maximizing efficiency amidst limited resources. The survey polled 2,000 small business owners, half of whom were from the tech or retail sectors.

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